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Episode 15 – The Noble Experiment: The (Drunken) Story of Temperance

Alex and Nick are getting tipsy for Temperance. Prohibition in the U.S. may have been a disaster, but the journey to Gatsby’s world of bootleggers and Tommy Guns was filled with remarkable women!

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Episode 14 – On My Own Ground, Madam C.J. Walker


It’s February, and that means it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH! In this episode, Alex and Nick discuss the life of the first woman self-made millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker.

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SIDEBAR Audio Post – Revelations at Artemesia’s Trial

In this SIDEBAR Audio Post we welcome Christine Hoffmark, an art history graduate student, who sheds light on the trial regarding the rape of renaissance artist, Artemesia Gentileschi.

Episode 13 – Renaissance Artist, Artemisia Gentileschi

In this episode, Alex and Nick discuss the tumultuous life of Renaissance artist, Artemisia Gentileschi. Note to listener that this episode is EXPLICIT due to the discussion of rape.

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EPISODE 11 – G.I. Janes

In this episode of Remember the Ladies, Alex and Nick celebrate the United States’ landmark decision to allow women into all combat roles in the military (decision made December 3rd, 2015). Join them on a historical tour of women in the military!

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Episode 10 – Ada Lovelace, Computer Science Pioneer

AdaLovelaceIn the tenth episode of Remember the Ladies, Alex and Nick explore the life of Ada Lovelace, one of the first humans in history considered a “computer scientist”!

Episode 9 – Queen Bess, Aviatrix

In this episode, Alex and Nick explore the life of Bessie Coleman (1892 – 1926), the first black female pilot.

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Episode 7 – Angel Makers (PART TWO) is now up!

Women Serial Killers

In the second half of our special Halloween episode, Alex and Nick complete their journey into the lives of female serial killers. Happy Halloween!

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