Welcome to Remember the Ladies! Our goal in this podcast is to learn about and share the life and legacy of individual women throughout human history from both a historical and a sociological perspective.

Each episode will focus on one woman from history. Sometimes they’ll be well known women, such as Eleanor Roosevelt. Other times they’ll be mostly unheard of out of their local histories, like Emily Fish the woman lighthouse keeper in Monterrey, California.

We are also looking forward to having special episodes focusing on women’s contributions and influence in specific fields, such as science, railroads, and aviation. Additionally, some episodes will likely focus on women as a whole in societies of the past.



Alex Thomas started off at Chapman University as an English major, then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies. She plans to go to graduate school to pursue her lifelong passion of wildlife biology. Her favorite historical subjects are suffragettes, period fashion and women in aviation. She also enjoys fictional and non-fictional accounts of the World Wars.


Nick Seider is currently studying women’s history at Cal State Fullerton. He has completed two associates degrees in history and social science. He will complete his bachelors within the next two years, and intends to continue forward into graduate school. His areas of interest are the history of railroads, and women in the 19th century!

Technical Assistance for Remember the Ladies is done by Alex Solano.